The sacredness of life extends from our mortal lives to our eternal lives. Marking the death of a loved one through a funeral service is one way of honouring their life and supporting those who grieve.

The clergy at St Anselm's are available to lead Anglican funeral services for their members and members of the local community. These can be held at the church, or at a funeral home or cemetery.

During the service,

  • we gather in the presence of God,
  • and remember the person who has died.
  • We listen and respond to the word of God,
  • and proclaim the death and resurrection of Christ.
  • We give thanks for the life now ended,
  • and pray for those in need.
  • We leave the deceased in God's care,
  • and we continue life's journey.
There is no change for the funerals of parish members.

Members of community are asked to offer an honorarium towards the ongoing ministry of the parish.