First Third


First Third is an umbrella portfolio that encompasses the first chronological third of a person’s life, ie: approximately birth to early 30s.

It encompasses ministry to babies, children, youth, young adults and young families.

Ideally, spiritual growth and faith development occurs along a continuum, each stage or phase of our spiritual lives building on what has preceded. First Third Ministry is a way of ensuring that the continuum is not interrupted and that our spiritual education keeps step with stages of faith development.


The First Third portfolio encompasses the following ministries:

  • Baptism of infants and children: We offer Baptism preparation classes for those families who bring infants and children for Baptism. Please refer to the Baptism document for further information.
  • Children's Church: Children join in the 9.00am service with the adults before heading out for Children's Church - an exploratory engagement with the biblical story, crafts, games and activities - and then join with the family again for Holy Communion.
  • Young Adult Home Group: Meets every Sunday evening and includes young adults from post-secondary age to about 30 years of age.
  • Young Families: Quarterly gatherings for fellowship and food. A great opportunity to get to know one another and share stories around the faith formation of our children.


There are many aspects to faith development across a person’s lifetime, all of which combine to enable a person to holistically experience a relationship with God and live out their baptismal covenant as a follower of Christ. Being part of a worshipping community is part of that holistic spiritual journey and so we are mindful of providing opportunities for people to grow faithfully in all areas.

The seven aspects of faith development and spiritual growth are outlined below.

  • Who I Am our journey centres around who we are, how we understand ourselves, how we understand our place in the world and how we relate to our Creator God. Through our Baptism we become a child of God and brother or sister in Christ with the wider family of God through the church.
  • God and I our journey is not a static one but rather a dynamic, ever shifting, growing relationship with God. There will be times when we feel distant from God and other times when we feel completely immersed in the presence of God. Part of our spiritual growth is about learning how to interpret these times and learn spiritually from the experiences.
  • Hanging Out – through our Baptism we become a child of God’s family and a brother/sister in Christ with the world wide communion. Jesus Christ calls us into community with one another and it is through engaging with the body of Christ as a member, that we grow and develop as disciples of Christ. Being in community and sharing in fellowship, enables us to talk about our faith with others who understand – we learn from each other.
  • Living Life God desires us to have life in all abundance and joy. Being in relationship with God and with one another enables us to discern God’s presence in our lives, to embrace life in all its messiness and celebration and sorrows, and to seek opportunities to find purpose and blessing in all that we do and in all whom we meet.
  • Doing Church – it is through regular and engaging worship that we are refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated for the journey. As we share in worship, meeting with each other in a sacred space, sharing in God’s table, praying for the world and each other, we are reminded again of God’s love for us and for the world and our own discipleship call. In praise and thanks-giving we are sent from our worship sustained for the journey ahead.
  • Serving Others – as disciples of Christ we are called to live out Christ’s example of servanthood to others. Being a servant to all can take many forms and manifest in myriad ways. Being a servant means walking beside others and being as Christ to them. As we grow and develop spiritually and in faith, our capacity to walk alongside others transforms and develops.
  • On a Mission – our mission as disciples of Christ is to, in all we do and say and believe, bring about God’s kingdom here on earth. We are called to speak of God’s love for all people, to look with compassion and to assist the church in reaching out in loving service to people in need. As we grow and develop in our faith, so too does our capacity and our ability to aid in the missional work of the church.

The over-riding imperative for us as we seek to nurture and encourage our young people in their faith and spiritual development is to assure them of God’s love for them, and of their preciousness in his sight.



The St Anselm’s Young Adult Home Group meets on Sunday evenings in the home of Bruce and Mandy Herriman from 6.30pm.

The Home Group arose from a desire for the young adults who had ‘graduated’ from the Youth Group, to meet in a place where their common life experiences would form the basis of their faith sharing.

The Young Adult Home Group seeks to facilitate the deepening of faith while exploring the questions and/or doubts that are often companions on our spiritual journey. It offers a regular opportunity for our young adults to share thoughts, opinions, experiences and insights of their faith journey in an environment that encourages conversation and debate while maintaining respectful relationships.

To that end, we utilise a variety of means by which to gain a greater understanding of our own personal relationship with God and our relationships with each other as the Body of Christ. We use Bible Studies of thematic or lectionary based themes, videos, ‘current affairs’ conversations, etc. When appropriate, and we have candidates for Confirmation, we study the Catechumenate Guide.

Our time together also includes a shared meal where the more social imperatives are explored.

As a group, we occasionally attend Evensong in the Cathedral for significant events or other events as they occur on Sunday evenings.

The Young Adult Home Group is always open to any young Adult aged between 17 and 30 years who would like to join us.


Any queries about the above groups can be directed to:
The Ven Mandy Herriman 9409 1387 or