Mission Giving



At the Annual Meeting in 2014 our parish approved the revised Vision Statement and Mission Objectives.

The second Mission Objective, and its subsequent clause, states - 


To reach out to the community we will:

  • Support local, national and international mission agencies.
  • Provide pastoral care and practical support to parishioners and local families in need.
  • Provide ministry to local aged care facilities.
  • Model and promote sustainable living practices.


We have continued to tithe a portion of our income to various agencies and organisations since adopting this Mission Objective.

At the Annual Meeting in 2016, we moved to adopt a more deliberate and intentional approach to Mission Giving in line with our agreed objective.




Three parallel streams for Mission Giving have been adopted -

i) A tithe of our income

ii) “Focus Sundays” with special appeals

iii)  Local community engagement project / event



In line with the Biblical teaching on tithing, Parish Council will commit to tithing a portion of our offerings twice per year (every 6 months) for Mission Giving.

 This amount will be divided proportionally between three predetermined Anglican recipients – one local, one national and one international, and two other (non-Anglican) agencies / organisations. 

The Anglican organisations will be chosen in line with the following criteria –



An Anglican Diocese of Perth initiative or need (parish in financial strife; theological students support fund …) or an Anglican agency in the Diocese of Perth which supports those most in need in our local community.


An Anglican agency or organisation supporting the peoples of Australia.


A reputable project facilitated by an Anglican Church / organisation that supports a local community in an impoverished country or an organisation that supports a wider reach of communities in need. The former may foster an opportunity for a relationship to develop between our parish and those we are supporting.


Each year the Mission and Outreach Team will decide on what projects to commit to for the year to come.

 The Mission Team will endeavour to keep these projects in the parishioners’ minds and on their radars for the year.

 Twice per year, the treasurer will disseminate the accumulated funds in accordance with this motion.

This has many benefits on a practical and administrative level. Being a recipient of a once-off lump sum of money is a tremendous gift (as opposed to a smaller, irregular offering), and it also safeguards the valuable time of our volunteer treasurer. 


ii) Focus Sundays with SPECIAL APPEALS

Parallel to the Mission Giving tithe, the Mission Team will host a special appeal for other agencies / organisations on approximately a bi-monthly basis.

AnglicareWA’s Appeals and St Bart’s Christmas Appeal will fall into this stream, along with other initiatives chosen by the current Mission Team each year.

A special service will be held to highlight the work and contribution of the specific agency / organisation, and parishioners may be invited to make a contribution to the cause.

The primary objective of these focus Sundays with special appeals is to raise awareness of the work being done by these agencies or organisations and of the people they serve; thus they serve not only to raise funds but also to raise awareness. This in turn may generate more support. This was evidenced on RugUp Sunday 2015 when one of our members was so moved by the presentation she heard that she offered an extra $100 to the cause (in addition to the money and food she had already brought).

Funds / goods collected will be given directly to the agency / organisation.

The Mission Team will endeavour to distribute information about the special appeals for the year at the start of the financial year so that parishioners can plan which they wish to support.

Ideally guest speakers will be invited to address the congregation, information disseminated via the LinkUp and noticeboard, and other material shared on that Sunday. 



In time it is hoped that as a parish we will adopt one local (Kingsley – Woodvale) community engagement opportunity or project for our members to actively support with their time and efforts.

This may take the form of a one off annual event, or an ongoing project.

The purpose of doing this as a Mission Project (and not just a parish event run by a handful of people) is to engage our parishioners more holistically in the work of mission. It serves to promote the notion that mission and outreach is more than just providing money for food and housing. Meeting people’s need for community, acceptance, inclusion, healing and hospitality are just as necessary as we care for those in our community in body, mind and spirit. 


The Mission and Outreach Team has proposed the following agencies as recipients of our 2016 – 2017 Mission Giving -




Anglican Recipients:


Local                      -              Anglicare WA’s Street Connect program

The program aims to make connections with marginalised young people who gather regularly in Perth’s CBD and engages them in making positive changes. Street Connect youth workers provide a daily outreach presence via the Street Connect bus which operates as a mobile youth resource centre. They meet with young people on the streets, forming positive working relationships and providing informal counselling, referral to other helpful services, advocacy, crisis intervention and follow-up support. They also assist young people to understand their legal rights and responsibilities in relation to their use of public space. The bus is stocked with information on services and referral resources. They also have freshly made sandwiches, water as well as pregnancy tests, condoms, a first aid kit, swags and other physical resources. To find out more you can go to https://youtu.be/jozeVLEf7fM


National              -              Anglican Board of Mission: supporting Indigenous ministry in rural & remote Australia

 ABM's priorities in supporting both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglicans are to support the ministry of Indigenous Australians with their own people and communities and to support programs of training and leadership development.

The people and projects contribute to the development of Indigenous communities and the Australian community as a whole. The overall program has an emphasis on local leadership development rather than external leadership. We primarily seek to encourage and support Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders to minister to their own people in Australia.


International     -              AngliCORD

Anglican Overseas Aid is an overseas relief and development agency of the Anglican Church of Australia.                                                             

Vision: Our vision is for a just, peaceful and sustainable world free of poverty.                                    

Purpose: Overseas Aid works in partnership with Anglican and like-minded agencies to:

Create and strengthen partnerships in developing countries to overcome poverty, injustice and disaster; support our partners to respond and adapt to environmental challenges; and inspire Australians to be compassionate, involved and responsible global citizens.


Non-Anglican Recipients:


CARAD (Coalition for Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Detainees)

CARAD has assisted more than 5000 refugees and asylum seekers in Western Australia with services such as settlement support, advocacy, referral, emergency and financial aid, English lessons, homework support, social support and the preparation of documents.


Youth Care (Woodvale Chapter)

Each year we help thousands of students, staff and family members in Western Australian public school communities by providing an essential social, emotional, mental health and spiritual support service. We’re here to listen, and provide a supportive place to talk. We offer confidential, non-judgmental pastoral care and values education based on respect, compassion and service. Our aim is to support young people and their communities who may be facing challenging personal and social issues. We listen, understand and refer to extra help, if it’s appropriate. We want to create positive school communities, where students are empowered and encouraged to be the best they can be.