Pastoral Care

Our parish’s Pastoral Care Team is on hand to offer spiritual support, unconditional love and practical help as needed.


In 2015 we launched a Pastoral Care initiative known as the Barnabas Groups. Barnabas, in Scripture, is the son of encouragement. Each Barnabas Group is made up of five to six families, and the group has oversight by a Pastoral Area Leader (PAL). Our PAL’s commit to getting to know and praying for each person/family in their group, and to be their group’s go-to person in times of need. 


Our lay pastoral ministers exercise their ministry of care in these areas –

Prayer ministry; home visiting; hospital visiting; card ministry; elders; new members; Barnabas groups; grief and trauma; fringe members.      


There is also a Widows’ and Widowers’ Support Group, sometimes known as WWW – Wonderful Widows and Widowers. Meeting once a month, this group began after some widowed members of the congregation discussed the fact that within our midst there were others in similar circumstances; widowed, living alone and perhaps interested in joining a group for fellowship and mutual support if necessary. Our aim was to provide an informal time to meet together over Morning Tea giving opportunity for caring and sharing to support each other, either individually or sometimes as a group, when common issues arose. Since its inception (5/5/2006) the group has welcomed members at various stages of the journey through their new life on their own, offering friendship and support, hope and fun. We welcome any one to join us whether members of the congregation or not.  We meet at the church each second Friday of the month 9.30 am. On two occasions each year we dine out for lunch. In addition, individuals can arrange social times together when the opportunity arises. For more info about WWW, please contact Kaye Jorgensen  9301 0337


If you wish to discuss any other pastoral matters, please contact Cathy Slaughter at