Spiritual Education

Part of our vision at St Anselm's is to offer a place of belonging, including by providing spiritual education opportunities for different stages of life and faith in a non-judgmental environment. With this in mind, we offer study courses for adults across a wide variety of sources.  This includes seasonal studies to help us focus on times such as Lent and Advent, as well as ongoing studies designed to introduce parishioners to the fundamentals of the Christian faith (within the Anglican context).  We also offer studies focussing on significant thinkers from the past and present (such as Thomas Merton, St Anselm, Rowan Williams, Richard Rohr and Desmond Tutu).  These studies are designed to stimulate, enlighten and help to develop each person's unique faith journey within the broader church community.

All studies are conducted in an open environment where no question is considered silly or heretical!

We also offer studies and support specifically tailored to parishioners seeking adult baptism and confirmation.

If you wish to discuss these opportunities further, please contact Gray Castledine or Mark McCracken at admin@kingsley.perth.anglican.org