Parish Profile

St Anselm’s is a lively parish of Anglo-Catholic tradition in the northern suburbs of Perth.

We place high regard on worship and sacrament, and take seriously our vision statement to be a vibrant and welcoming parish reaching out to the community and offering a place of belonging where all can know Christ and respond to the living Gospel.

Our ministry focus is divided into seven distinct areas – worship, pastoral care, fellowship, spiritual education, first-third ministry (birth – young adult), mission and outreach, and leadership and governance.

This is what a few of our members have to say -

  • St Anselm's is like an extended welcoming family, and we always feel uplifted when we leave. (JP&MP)
  • St Anselm’s is a sanctuary, a place where you are surrounded by people of God who all come together in the hope of helping others and rejoicing in the knowledge and love of the spirit. It is a place where you can feel safe and comforted by the love and guidance of a beautiful community. (LL)
  • Even when I am tearing my hair out and the kids won’t sit still, I can take them outside to the garden and still feel the love of God and calm my mind; it really is a place where I feel I belong. (Young mum – boys aged 5 and 2)
  • I love St Anselm’s because they are a very welcoming congregation and make newcomers feel like they’ve been there a long time. St Anselm’s listens to the youths’ ideas. (young girl, 11yrs)
  • It's like coming home spiritually and emotionally. (CS)
  • I love St Anselm’s because I look forward to each Sunday to praise My Wonderful God, be energised in my faith and take God’s Amazing love out into my daily life. (CH)
  • St Anselm’s is a loving, generous and caring community with a strong heart for social justice and such a positive energy in all we do – from Sunday worship to the many activities offered during the week for different ages and stages of faith. (GC&KC)
  • I appreciate St Anselm’s because questioning is welcomed and being part of the St Anselm's family doesn't depend on us all thinking the same way about theological or social issues. (VS)
  • I love St Anselm’s because people there love me. (young boy, age 5)
  • St Anselm's is God's home here on earth, full of love, companionship, prayer and laughter. (CM)