Vision and Mission



St Anselm’s is a vibrant and welcoming parish reaching out to the community and offering a place of belonging where all can know Christ and respond to the living Gospel.  



To be a vibrant and welcoming Parish we will:

  • Quickly acknowledge and connect with newcomers.
  • Prepare individuals and families to receive the sacraments of the Church.
  • Facilitate use of our buildings by community groups.
  • Maintain our buildings and grounds in a clean and inviting state.

To reach out to the community we will:

  • Support local, national and international mission agencies.
  • Provide pastoral care and practical support to parishioners and local families in need.
  • Provide ministry to local aged care facilities.
  • Model and promote sustainable living practices.

To offer a place of belonging we will:

  • Be open to a diverse and inclusive congregation where all are welcome regardless of ability, ethnic or cultural background, stage of faith development, political persuasion or sexual orientation.
  • Provide spiritual education opportunities for different stages of life and faith in a non-judgmental environment
  • Generate activities for fellowship across different age groups and interests
  • Encourage parishioners to discern and use their time and talents in the life and work of the parish and broader church

To help all to experience and respond to the hope of the living Gospel, we will:

  • Use scripture, tradition and reason to challenge all to a deeper understanding of the Gospel.
  • Promote and facilitate an active prayer life for all parishioners.
  • Be open to and develop creative expressions of worship.
  • Share our faith journeys with others.